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Friday, July 5, 2013


Enter gingerlola's new fashion competition hosted by Draculaura and the Vamp Moment show. Send us pictures of your toilet paper the 'contact me' tab above for email address.

First 10 pictures received will be in the competition.
There will be another video showing all the TP fashions
and how to vote for them.

What does the winner get...they will receive the
title of 'Vamp Moments 1st TP Fashion Star'
You will get special shout outs
Your dress will be posted on our blogs
If you are entered in our blog giveaways, we will give you
25 more chances to win in the next draw.

 I love my new dress...keep scrolling for how to make it.


All you need is toilet paper, glue and some bling bling.

Layer 5 pieces of toilet paper

make a tissue flower but using toilet paper
fold it like an accordian

bend it in half and tie a string around the middle

start separating the layers

give it a trim so it won't be too fluffy

the skirt is easy...just layer it like the picture below

cut the sides and glue on

the belt will hold everything down
just fold a piece of toilet paper and wrap around waist
and glue

then add your bling bling

very easy and cheap to make

Now show me what you can make...
You can add beads, gems, ribbon and even paint your 
dress if you want... get really creative and don't forget to have fun... get all your friends involved.

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